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Intended Use

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General Information

Anatomy: Prostate
Modality: PET
Diseases or Conditions: Hilar Enlargement, Hydrocephalus, Infarct, Intrintracranial Haemorrhage
Processing time: 1 to 2 Hours
Product Category: Quantification

Data Characteristics

Input Format: DICOM
Output: DICOM image overlays and report
Output Format: DICOM


FDA Status: Class II
CE Status: Class IIa

Purchasing Options

Pricing Options: Pay Per Analyses, Pay Per Installation
Availability: Stand-Alone, Bundled

Stand-alone applications can be used with any viewer.Bundled applications require a proprietary viewer.

Distribution Channels

Softway, RMS Medical Devices (Benelux), QMENTA, IBM, TeraRecon, Fujifilm, Ferrum

Primary Features

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