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Case Submission

Submit a Case – Utilizing AI-Based Applications

  • ​Use as many representative images as necessary to demonstrate the pathology of interest adequately. Entire series and video exports may also be submitted.
    If submitting as a PowePoint presentation, include text/discussion slides to one to three slides only, emphasizing vital findings, key associated facts, and essential differentials.
    If submitting as a video, please still use a PowerPoint presentation to outline.
    We are happy to work with you to prepare your submission.

Terms of Agreement

The author agrees that:

  • It is the author who is responsible for ensuring compliance with their institution’s guidelines on submitted materials, including but not limited to adherence to HIPAA, including anonymization and removal of all protected health information before submission.
  • The submitted materials include the consensus opinion of all the contributing authors, who have made a good-faith attempt to be accurate and informative.
  • Publication is allowed by the responsible authorities at the institution where the images were obtained.
  • The case material is not copyrighted or otherwise licensed elsewhere.
  • If necessary, the author has obtained permission from the image owner to use the image for the purpose of publication by Radiology AI LLC and will acknowledge this on the slide by adding the following: “Image courtesy of and published with the permission of (names of owner, author, or publisher, as appropriate).”
  • The author will add the citation to the references slide as needed.
  • Case material is subject to review and approval by the editors before acceptance and publication by Radiology AI LLC. If the editors receive notice that the content of the published case material is inaccurate or may violate any law, the editors may delete the case material from Radiology AI LLC.
  • Submitted materials may be reformated by Radiology AI LLC staff prior to publishing.
  • Radiology AI LLC has the right to publish the case material free of charge, where it will remain for an unlimited time at the discretion of the editors unless they are legally required to remove it.
  • The author is responsible for the case material submitted to and published by Radiology AI LLC and will defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the editors and its affiliates from and against all third-party claims and liabilities (including reasonable attorneys’ fees, costs, and damages), arising in connection with any intellectual property infringement claim asserted against the editors, Radiology AI LLC, or its affiliates, and relating to the submitted case material.
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