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Share Your News With The Radiology AI Community

We’re always on the lookout for the latest advancements, stories, and insights in the world of radiology and artificial intelligence. Our mission is to bring the most interesting and impactful news to our community, whether through our website or our curated newsletter. If you have news to share that can inspire, educate, or inform our audience, we have two paths for you to contribute:

Option 1: Share Already Published News

Have your news already made headlines elsewhere? Let’s help it gain even more visibility within the Radiology AI community. To submit your already published news for consideration, please provide:

  • The Link: A direct URL to where your news is currently published. Ensure the link is active and the content is accessible to our audience.
  • An Image: A high-quality image that represents your news story. Please ensure you have the rights to use this image for redistribution.
  • A Short Summary: Provide us with a concise and compelling summary of your news story, highlighting the key points and why it matters to the radiology and AI community.

Option 2: Submit Original News Articles

Got something fresh and unpublished? If you have original content that hasn’t been published on other websites, we’re excited to offer a platform for your voice and insights. For new submission types, please ensure you include:

  • The Article: Your full news article, ready for publication. Ensure it is informative, engaging, and relevant to the radiology and AI fields.
  • An Image: A high-quality image to accompany your article. This could be a relevant photo, a graph, or any visual that adds value to your piece. Ensure you have the rights to use this image.
  • Author’s Name and Short Bio: Let us know who you are. Include your name and a short bio that highlights your expertise or background in radiology and AI. This will be published alongside your article.

Article Submission

We look forward to showcasing the innovative work and insights of the radiology AI community. Together, let’s advance the field and keep our community informed and engaged.

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